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Wheel loader is a kind of shovel transport machinery widely used in roads, railways, ports, docks, coal, mines, water conservancy, national defense, and other projects and urban construction. It plays an important role in reducing labor intensity, speeding up project construction, and improving project quality.

The main function of the wheel loader is to shovel and transport loose materials over short distances.
for example
1. It is used for loading, pushing and dumping, lifting and traction in the construction of open-pit mine development and stripping railway foundation building, and road paving.
2. In small and medium-sized open-pit mines, it is used to replace excavators and automobiles as the main mining, loading, and transportation equipment of the mine; it can be operated in conjunction with automobiles, and can also be used to load ore rocks to the crushing station.
3. In some large-scale open-pit mines, cooperate with excavators to carry out mining and other auxiliary operations under complex conditions (such as sorting mining, the end of the working face, explosive pile dispersion, digging trenches, etc.).
4. It can be used in the mining, loading, and transportation joint operations on the working face with a large slope to complete the difficult mining work.

Wheel loaders have fast walking speed, short working cycle time, high loading efficiency, lightweight and low price. The wheel loader has strong climbing ability and good maneuverability and can carry out loading operations on slope working faces that are not allowed by excavators. It is easy to operate and can shorten the driver training time. At the same time, only one driver is required to operate a loader, which can save manpower, material resources and financial resources.

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