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Dump pedicabs are used in factories, freight yards, and warehouses to transport bulk materials. Communities, streets, and sanitation are used to transport garbage. Earthwork and engineering construction are used to transport muck, earthwork, and buildings. It is an ideal tool for transporting bulk materials in brick kiln factories, refractory factories, flour mills, mineral processing plants, factories, furnace material factories, hydrostatic agent factories, cement, building materials factories, ceramic factories, etc.

The dump tricycle is strong and durable, has a large bearing capacity and is comfortable to operate. It is an ideal tool for transporting sand and road transportation in subway projects and engineering construction. The power of the whole vehicle is increased, the carrying capacity is strong, the braking system is reliable and labor-saving, the steering is light, flexible, and comfortable, the climbing ability is strong, energy saving and environmental protection. It is an ideal transportation tool for transporting bulk materials in factories, mines, tunnels, subway construction, etc.

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