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Heavy duty truck is an authentic, traditional, and informal designation for heavy goods vehicles and tractor-trailers. Including all kinds of special vehicles (sprinklers, fire trucks, road cleaning vehicles, oil tank trucks, mixer trucks, etc.), dump trucks, trucks, and some rare off-road vehicles that you see on the road.

Heavy-duty trucks are mainly used in the fields of logistics transportation and engineering construction. Among them, tractors are basically used for logistics, while chassis (dump trucks, cement mixer trucks, and other special vehicles) are basically used for engineering material transportation and municipal engineering, etc., and trucks are used in both logistics and engineering material transportation. . Therefore, heavy-duty trucks play an important role in logistics transportation, various construction and road construction projects, dangerous goods transportation, coal industry, ore industry, general cargo transportation, container transportation, urban sanitation and other industries.

Heavy-duty trucks have strong power and strong carrying capacity. Low fuel consumption and long maintenance intervals. The transmission and rear axle have high transmission efficiency, the cab has a spacious interior, good habitability, and low air resistance. High-safety disc brakes, high-maneuverability suspension pedals, short-rod variable speed control, single-rod direct control mechanism, and flexible and convenient operation.

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