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All wheel drive truck is one in which both the front and rear wheels of the vehicle have power. Since all the wheels of this type of truck are driving wheels, all the adhesion qualities of the car are fully utilized, so the all-wheel drive truck has a greater driving force and the ability to overcome obstacles and prevent skidding.

All-wheel drive trucks are mainly used in the fields of logistics transportation and engineering construction. Especially in the field of engineering construction with harsh environments, it is used to transport building materials through rough roads. It is also widely used in coal mines, mines, and other industries.

All-wheel drive trucks can make full use of the weight of the vehicle to increase the driving force and improve the dynamic performance of the car on various road surfaces. There is no problem of understeer or oversteer when accelerating corners. And maximize the use of the friction between the road surface and the tires to improve the braking performance of the car.

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