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Concrete mixer tank truck is a special truck used to transport concrete for construction. Because of its shape, it is also often called a snail cart. These trucks are equipped with cylindrical mixing drums to carry the mixed concrete. During transportation, the mixing drum will always be kept rotating to ensure that the carried concrete will not solidify. After transporting the concrete, the inside of the mixing drum is usually washed with water to prevent the hardened concrete from taking up space.

The main purpose of the concrete mixer truck is to transport the concrete required for construction to the construction site. Secondly, it can also be used to transport cement, water, non-corrosive liquids, etc. It plays an important role in road construction, bridge construction, house construction, flooring, tank beams, and other projects.

The concrete mixer truck has a high automation program: automatic feeding, mixing, unloading, and transportation, and the production of concrete is effortless. Save labor and save money. High efficiency, strong practicability, and high safety.

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