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Tractor head truck is a generally large truck or semi-trailer that is towed by tools between the front and the trunk, that is, the front of the vehicle can be separated from the original trunk to tow other trunks, and the trunk can also be pulled from the original front by other fronts.

It is often used for the transportation of large quantities of goods in the workshop or between workshops, such as the transportation from the warehouse of the automobile manufacturing industry to the assembly line, and the transportation of luggage at the airport.

Advantages of the tractor
1. Anti-slip: Prevent the driving wheels from idling when driving on wet and slippery roads such as snow, so that the vehicle can start and accelerate smoothly. Especially on snowy or muddy roads, the traction control system can ensure smooth acceleration performance and prevent the vehicle from laterally moving or flicking due to slipping of the driving wheels.
2. Flexibility: When towing cars, the cars and trains have better maneuverability.
3. Reliable work: ensure reliable, convenient, and rapid detachment of the towing vehicle and trailer.
4. Stability: The traction force can be smoothly transmitted to the trailer, which has a certain buffering effect on the impact load.

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