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Light duty trucks refer to N2 types of trucks with a maximum design total mass of not more than 4.5 tons among N-type trucks in the vehicle classification. Some light trucks have 2 people in the front seat and 2 people in the back seat like a car, but in order to ensure legal cargo space, the rear seats are usually narrow foldable seats, which are only suitable for children. Other light trucks have only two seats.

Light trucks are used as public vehicles or business vehicles in organizations such as small and medium-sized enterprises, banks, farmers’ associations, and fisherman’s associations. Therefore, a light truck with two seats in the front compartment and cargo in the rear compartment takes into account the advantages of low cost, low tax, and low insurance premium. In addition, some restaurant operators (sushi, ramen, pizza, etc.), small and medium-sized courier operators will also choose this model for the purpose of delivery and logistics delivery. Light goods vehicles have higher safety and comfort.

Light trucks are flexible and have a small load capacity, so they are suitable for the transportation of time-sensitive valuable goods or express delivery of small items mainly for dumping, which is fast and convenient. The streamlined appearance design can minimize wind resistance and save engine power. Mature engine technology can convert the energy of fuel into power to the greatest extent. The operating system is simple and easy to understand, and the vehicle is stable.

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