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A semi-trailer is a trailer whose axle is positioned behind the vehicle’s center of gravity (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and is fitted with a hitch that transmits horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor. It is a heavy-duty transport vehicle connected to the semi-trailer head through the traction pin.

The semi-trailer is mainly used to transport bulky goods that are not easy to disassemble, such as excavators, etc. The fence type is more suitable for pulling fresh goods, such as vegetables, fruits, etc. The van type is more suitable for pulling bulk cargo and moisture-proof more expensive cargo.

The advantage of the semi-trailer is that it has high stability, can go to high speed, and has a large loading capacity, especially some large goods can only be pulled by a semi-trailer, and the length of other trailers is not enough. However, the turning radius of the semi-trailer is too large, because the distance between the front of the vehicle and the wheels of the trailer is too long, and the requirements for road conditions are relatively high.

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