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The logging transport truck refers to a “special vehicle” that has a flat long cargo platform, with automatic opening railings on both sides, and can safely unload logs by controlling the joystick. There are various types such as semi-trailer, full-trailer and long product trailer.

Logging transport vehicles are mainly used for log transportation in forest areas, log storage yards, train freight yards, ports, etc. It can also be used for forest log transportation, long pipe transportation, etc.

The logging transport vehicle has the advantages of large load capacity, high transport efficiency, strong climbing ability, low ground pressure and strong terrain adaptability. It can also be well adapted to long-distance roads and poor road conditions. The logging transport vehicle has strong power and superior passability. The trailer design is reasonable and is suitable for super-heavy-load operations. The vehicle can still maintain the best stability in high-load work. Even in winter, the transport vehicle can drive freely on muddy and icy roads. .

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