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A refrigerated truck refers to a closed van transport vehicle used to maintain the temperature of frozen or fresh goods. A refrigerated vehicle is a special refrigerated transport vehicle equipped with a refrigeration unit of a refrigeration unit and a polyurethane-insulated compartment.

Refrigerated trucks are often used to transport frozen food (refrigerated trucks), dairy products (dairy trucks), vegetables and fruits (fresh trucks), vaccines and medicines (vaccine trucks), etc.

Advantages of refrigerated trucks

Good sealing
The container of the refrigerated truck needs to be strictly sealed to reduce the heat exchange with the outside world, so as to keep the temperature inside the refrigerated cabinet low.
Good refrigeration
The additional refrigeration equipment is connected to the container and provides continuous cooling to ensure that the temperature of the container is within the allowable range of the cargo.
Good portability
Generally, the goods transported by refrigerated trucks are items that cannot be stored for a long time. Although there is refrigeration equipment, they still need to be delivered to the destination quickly.
Good heat insulation
The container of the refrigerated truck is similar to the container, but it is made of materials with a better heat insulation effect, which can better reduce the heat exchange.

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