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The full name of the wrecker is a road wrecker truck, also known as a trailer, a road rescue vehicle, and a tow truck. It has multiple functions such as lifting, pulling, and lifting traction.

The wrecker is a special vehicle equipped with road rescue equipment. Its task is to drag the broken down car or accident car away from the scene in time to ensure the smooth flow of the road. Therefore, the wrecker is mainly used for road breakdown vehicles, urban illegal vehicles, and emergency rescue.

The wrecker has higher work efficiency. After the flat plate on the wrecker slides out, it will automatically fall to the ground. At this time, as long as the vehicle is pulled onto the flat plate, it can be controlled and retracted. The degree of full automation is getting higher and higher, and the effect of successful operation can be achieved without manual labor at all. It is more efficient and faster, saves time and effort, and forms a one-button operation method for the winch, support arm, and plate on the wrecker.

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