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The Howo light duty truck has been newly built for five years, and it brings a blue brand 2.5L ultra-light engine, with continuous weight reduction and undiminished performance. Inheriting Weichai’s years of experience and concepts in reliability development, based on complex road conditions, it has been verified by a 2 million-kilometer endurance test, with a lifespan of up to 800,000 kilometers, and it can travel long distances without stopping. Comfortable driving enjoyment, with super large diesel engine semi-anechoic chamber, perfect NVH development system, strong technical support, ensuring precise core design, based on the positive development of powertrain and vehicle acoustics and vibration, NVH performance has been greatly improved. The fuel consumption rate of the engine is reduced by 2-3g/KWh, the low-speed torque is large, the dynamic response of the engine is faster, the power chain is perfectly matched, and the fuel consumption of the whole vehicle is lower.

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