Today, with the rapid development of the construction industry, high-rise buildings are rising all over the place. Buildings make our city more prosperous, and a large number of dump trucks are working intensely in various construction sites.

● Sinotruk Howo dump truck

Introduction of the commonly used 6X4 dump truck, the overlord of muck transportation

Judging from the front face of the Sinotruk HOWO dump truck, the overall design is not bad. The air intake of the front face is made of black matte material, which forms a match with the overall color of the vehicle, showing a sense of fortitude.

Howo increases the number of steel plates to increase the ground clearance of the chassis to ensure its high passability in complex road conditions. If the chassis is too low, it will hit the oil pan and the tank.

The front axle is equipped with a transverse balance bar to ensure the stability of the vehicle. The AC16 rear axle is adopted, and the load can reach a maximum of 18 tons, which also greatly improves the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle.

In terms of power, the Sinotruk WD615.95E engine is used, with a maximum torque of 1350 Nm and a maximum output of 336 horsepower. At the same time, it adopts Sinotruk HW18709 manual transmission. At the same time, Hongchang Tianma’s hydraulic lift is adopted, coupled with a large cargo compartment with a length of 5.6 meters, a width of 2.3 meters, and a height of 1.2 meters, which ensures that it has the potential for heavy loads.

In the end

The three major components used in HOWO dump trucks are all mature products independently developed by Sinotruk. In the actual use process, if there is a failure, the maintenance response is faster, which may be the reason why users prefer it.