Infrastructure is the main line driving the country’s economic development. There are always various types of engineering vehicles in various large-scale projects, one of which is dump trucks. So today we will take a look at a Sinotruk Howo dump truck with a front 4 and a rear 8.

The transportation scene of this Sinotruk Howo dump truck is short-distance transportation. The main transportation features are:

Driver: One person and one vehicle driving, and the transportation time is calculated by trip/time.

Vehicle load: standard load, heavy load transportation.

Types of sources of goods: construction waste, earthwork, stone, etc.

Route type: mainly short and medium distances in the urban area, and some intersections are bad.

The working conditions of dump trucks have several characteristics. Earning money is calculated on the basis of trips, and the freight depends on the number of squares. Therefore there are the following requirements:

1. Power

Re-empty and back Dora runs fast, one trip counts as one trip, so its working conditions are also very efficient. Moreover, due to the heavy load starting on the construction site, the head gear speed ratio is better to be larger, and the starting is easier. The tail gear ratio is preferably a small speed ratio, and the return trip with an empty vehicle is faster.

2. Chassis

The road conditions on the construction site are harsh, high chassis, and large rims are the basic requirements. In addition, the dump truck has a lifting device. After lifting, the center of gravity is higher, and the stability of the chassis is also required. At the same time, the heavy-duty vehicle chassis must be solid enough to meet the transportation requirements.

3. Tops

If you load more, you will naturally pull more, and you can charge more per car. Therefore, in the case of the same vehicle length, the bigger the body, the better.

4. Driving space

Although they are basically short-distance transportation, and the working hours are mostly at night, so this type of vehicle does not require much comfort in the cab, but it does not mean that there is no need. A small stretchable bed can occasionally be used as a driver to relax and avoid excessive fatigue.

So in view of the requirements of the above working conditions, let’s see if Sinotruk Howo 8×4 can meet our requirements.

Regarding the power configuration, our Sinotruk Howo 8×4 is equipped with an MC11.44-60 MAN technology engine and meets the National VI emission standards, meeting the environmental protection requirements for entering and exiting urban areas. The 440 horsepower engine is the guarantee of efficiency. It can continuously output the maximum torque of 2100 Nm from 1000 rpm to 1400 rpm. The range of driving and shifting is larger, and it is more convenient to drive.

The transmission is Sinotruk’s own 12-speed HW25712XS transmission with a head gear ratio of 14.941, which makes it easier to start with heavy loads. The highest gear is a direct gear with a speed ratio of 1, which has the highest efficiency and better fuel economy.

For the chassis part, in order to ensure passability in bad road conditions, the cab of the vehicle is designed with a high bar, which increases the approach angle of the vehicle, and has better adaptability and passability on bad roads.

In order to ensure the bearing capacity, this car adopts the layout of 4 fronts and 8 rears, with 11 springs for the 1st and 2nd axes, and 12 springs for the 3rd and 4th axes, which can effectively meet the large load capacity.

The rear axle adopts an AC16 engineering axle, and it is equipped with a self-adjusting arm brake, which is more secure. The speed ratio is 4.77, and combined with the speed ratio of the direct gear 1 of the transmission, it can meet the working condition requirements of urban muck and dirt.

Considering the body stability of the dump truck when it is lifted, this Howo is also equipped with a thick stabilizer bar to further improve the chassis stability of the vehicle.

In terms of tires, this car uses Linglong tires with a specification of 12.00R20, the model is LLA08, and the tire load level is 154/151, which fully meets the requirements for a total vehicle weight of 31 tons.

At the same time, considering the working conditions of the muck truck, this dump truck adopts an oil-bath air filter to improve the life and filtering effect of the air filter and ensure that the engine can obtain clean air.

For the upper body part, the real shot car adopts the new national standard “U” type upper body with a length of 6.5 meters, a width of 2.35 meters, and a height of 1.5 meters. The effective volume reaches 22.9 cubic meters. Fully meet the load quality requirements. At the same time, in order to meet the anti-scattering and dust-proof requirements, this car is also equipped with an electric thatch cover device.

Finally, for the driving comfort of the vehicle, air-damping seats are naturally indispensable. Sports cars in the middle of the night are already very tiring, and a more comfortable seat can relieve fatigue and avoid danger. The steering wheel is designed to be durable, and there are no multi-function buttons, which doesn’t matter.

There is a sleeping berth, which is not too big and not too small, behind the driver’s seat, which can take a nap when the driver is tired.

In the end

From these points of view, this Sinotruk Howo 8×4 dump truck can fully meet the needs of our transportation conditions, and the addition of MAN technology also gives this vehicle stronger technical confidence to compete with other vehicles.