The flat dump truck was built on Sinotruk Howo 8X4 dump truck chassis. It is understood that this vehicle is mainly used for the transfer and unloading of coal, iron ore, construction waste, etc.

Compared with the semi-trailer dump truck, the loading capacity of this kind of flat dump truck is not much different, but the flexibility and safety of the vehicle are relatively better. Moreover, the driver can drive with the B book, while the semi-trailer needs the A book to drive, so it is relatively easy to hire a driver.

● Equipped with airbag seats and sunroof to improve comfort

This Howo flat-bed dump truck adopts a classic flat-roof semi-cab, with a V-shaped front face and a thick grille, which is square and grand. The split rearview mirror is combined with the front ground mirror and side supplementary blind mirror, which is simple and practical. The headlights integrate high and low beams and turn signals, and the lower part is equipped with fog lights as standard. This cab is used in many products of China National Heavy Duty Truck. It is mature, reliable, and easy to maintain.

The interior is still a common gray color that is durable to look dirty. The main seat is an airbag shock-absorbing seat, which is more common on tractors and high-end trucks. It is a relatively luxurious configuration used on engineering vehicles, which has a great impact on driving comfort. big boost.

The design of the ring instrument panel is adopted, and various control buttons are close to the driver, making it more convenient for the driver to operate. The center console is equipped with lighting control, a differential switch, and an automatic air conditioning control panel. In addition, it is also equipped with electric windows, which is also considered kind.

Since it is a flat-roof cab, there is not much storage space on board. A radio is installed above the driver’s side, and two small storage boxes are set above the co-pilot. However, the top is also equipped with a sunroof, which can help enhance the air circulation inside the cab.

Although it is an engineering vehicle, the cab is equipped with a large sleeper, which can provide a relatively large rest space, and can easily handle even medium and long-distance operations.

● Mature power configuration, solid cabinet workmanship

In terms of power, this car is equipped with a mature power D10 National IV emission engine with a maximum power of 380 horsepower, which is matched with a Sinotruk HW series 12-speed gearbox. This power system has entered the market for many years, is mature and reliable, and is convenient for maintenance. In addition, there is an optional 420-horsepower engine, which is enough power for a dump truck.

The rear axle uses a wheel-side reduction axle with a speed ratio of 5.45. The suspensions of the front and rear axles are all multi-leaf spring steel plate suspensions, and both are equipped with lateral stabilizer bars. Coupled with double-layer girders, it ensures the bearing capacity and reliability of the vehicle under heavy load conditions.

An anti-theft device is installed in the fuel tank and battery, the two places that are most likely to be missed by thieves. A protective cover is welded from the lower part of the base plate to cover the fuel filler opening and the battery box. However, this has a disadvantage in that the cargo box must be lifted every time it is refueled, which is really not easy to prevent theft.

The blue cargo box above is still very solid in workmanship, and H850 high-strength steel is used in materials, which improves the impact resistance and tensile performance of the cargo box. Moreover, higher-strength materials are still used in the front, middle, and rear of the side plate, which is the position with the yellow triangle standard in the picture.

The cargo box and the reinforced floor are connected by bolts and are tightly fixed by the positioning device and the box lock. At the same time, the design of the enlarged and thickened front bag is adopted to prevent accident when the cargo box is separated from the vehicle body during the lifting process of the vehicle and improve safety.